When should I start thinking about getting life insurance?

First things first, if you aren’t clear on how life insurance works, check out this FAQ on the basics of life insurance!


Life insurance is a good thing to have if you are responsible for the wellbeing of another person that depends wholly on your income for their financial wellbeing. You might want to consider purchasing health insurance if you:

  • Have or are expecting children
  • Care for a disabled relative
  • Are the household’s main breadwinner (have a much larger salary than your spouse)
  • Want to create an estate for your heirs if you pass prematurely (leave your heirs a large lump sum of cash)
  • Want to ensure the heirs of your estate don’t inherit your outstanding debt if you pass prematurely


You can name any of the following parties as your plan’s beneficiary:

  • family members
  • legal guardians of your dependents
  • Your estate
  • A trust
  • Charities


Given these options, you can use life insurance as a lump sum payment to accomplish any of your long-term financial in the event of an unexpected death.


So how do you get life insurance? You can purchase it from Stride starting at $6.

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