How do I use the "Finances" tab on the Stride Tax Android app?

If you're using the Android version of the Stride Tax app, you'll notice there's a new tab available called "Finances."


This is a new feature that allows you to check your checking, savings, and credit account balances directly within Stride Tax for an immediate overview of your financial health and to better keep track of your expenses, all in one view!


You can view your account balance information if you've linked your bank or credit card account in your Stride Tax app. Once you've done so, here's what you'll see in that tab:


Under "Recent transactions," you'll see your most recent purchases. If you see a purchase that was for your business, you can click the blue "+" button to mark it as a business expense.


Want to link your bank or credit card and get access to your account balance? You can do so by clicking the green "Start Now" button on your Finances tab, or in the "My bank accounts" section of your Settings menu! You'll be asked to log into your bank or credit card account, and then you'll see your account information appear in your Stride Tax app.


Not able to update your app to the new version (1.17.1)? You probably need to install or update Google Play Services! You can do so by clicking here


If you have any questions or concerns about linking your bank account or using the "Finances" tab, reach out to us at!


Have security questions? Here's some information on how Stride handles information security!

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