eSign Error - Okay, I think info on my Stride and applications don’t match. How do I double check what I originally entered?

The best way to track down where things went awry is to head back to the beginning of your Stride application. Don’t worry, everything you filled out on is saved!


Click here to return to your Stride Health Profile. Take a look at the following:

  • In Basic information - verify the people listed under “Who are you buying insurance for today?” are only household members applying for the plan.
    Need to remove someone from this section? Click on the green circle next to their name. Voila - the circle should unhighlight and the words “Not getting coverage” will appear below their name.
  • In Savings - verify the number you selected in response to “How many people are in your taxable household?” is the total number of individuals who are on your federal tax return, including yourself.
  • In Savings - verify the income you entered in response to “How much do you estimate your household will make in 2018?” takes into account all that you and others in your taxable household might make, regardless of if they are applying or not.
    Tip: Jot down the income you put on Stride, you’ll need to ensure the income you put on matches! If you qualify for a subsidy, write the $ amount down as well.


Now that everything is lookin’ good on Stride, you’ll want to check that information matches on Here is how to navigate back to your application:

  • Start by logging to your account here
  • In the upper right hand corner, select the person icon next to your name and select "My Applications and Coverage"
  • Select your 2018 application
  • On the left hand side select "Report a life change"
  • Choose the option to edit information about you and your household


Now that you’re back at the application, do the following:

  • Skim through the sections and make sure the responses match your Stride information. If you made any changes on Stride, be sure those changes are reflected on as well.
  • Once you’ve fixed any mistakes, click through to the very end and re-sign the application.
  • Re-download your eligibility results. Take a look at this document and ensure that your income is correct and all applicants and household members are accounted for. If you qualify for a subsidy, make sure the amount matches what you were quoted on Stride.
  • Click on the “Return to Stride Health” button on the Eligibility Results page to re-sign the final application on Stride’s website.
  • Once the confirmation screen appears, close your computer and go take a well-deserved nap.
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