Applying for my plan - If I don’t want to apply for health coverage for myself, how do I help my family members apply?

Running into an error message trying to submit an application on behalf of your family members? It looks like you added yourself as the primary applicant on Stride!

Don’t worry - you can help your spouse or other family members enroll, but you’ll want to make one of them the primary applicant associated with the application.

The primary applicant needs to be an adult in your household who is applying for coverage, such as your spouse. Make sure that the primary applicant meets the following requirements:

  • Is 18 years or older
  • Is related to the other people applying for the same plan

You’ll want to remove yourself as applying for coverage and change the primary applicant on both Stride and


To remove yourself from the Stride application

  • Return to the “Basic information” portion of the Build health profile section (Link)
  • Under “Who are you buying insurance for today?”, delete your information from the box for “Me” and fill in the correct primary applicant’s details
  • Make sure that all members applying for coverage have a green check mark next to their profile

To remove yourself as the primary applicant’s application

  • Click through the rest of the questions on Stride’s website and jump back to
  • Fill out the primary applicant’s details under all the sections that are asking “tell us about yourself”
  • Include yourself in the household portion of the application
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