Applying for my plan - Why can’t I enter the date my qualifying event occurred on

Now that we’re outside the annual Open Enrollment period (Nov. 1- Dec. 15), you need to have experienced a qualifying life event within the last 60 days or in the next 60 days in order to enroll in a major medical plan.

When completing the application, you’ll want to enter the date your qualifying event occurred in the “Additional Information” section towards the end of the application. asks a series of questions including 1) Did anyone of these people lose qualifying health coverage in the last 60 days? 2) Will any of these people lose qualifying health coverage in the next 60 days?

If your qualifying event already occurred, make sure to select your name under Question 1 and enter the date your previous coverage ended. If your qualifying event is happening in the future, you’ll want to answer Question 2 and enter the date your coverage will end.

If your previous coverage ended over 60 days from the date you’re applying, then unfortunately you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to apply for a major medical plan. But you can still enroll in an accident, dental, or vision plan!

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