eSign Error - I’m getting a red error message when I try to electronically sign my application on Stride’s site.

This usually means the information you entered when you were on’s website didn’t match with the information you first entered on Stride’s site. Our site is stopping you from electronically signing because we don’t want you enrolling in your plan for a different price than you first saw on our website!

We’ll start by talking through some common areas where we see things go wrong, then give you some steps to fix the error:

  • You didn’t enter a qualifying event on that enables you to enroll outside of Open Enrollment.

Outside of the annual Open Enrollment period, you need to have experienced a life-changing event (birth of a new child, loss of other health insurance coverage for a reason other than non-payment etc.) within the last 60 days. More on this here.

  • The income on your Stride and applications is different.

Did you exclude your deductions when you entered your income on Stride’s site, but include them on Did you exclude your spouse’s income on Stride’s site, but include it on

  • There are a different number of people on your Stride and applications.

Were you checking what plan prices looked like using different variations of your family size on Stride’s site? Did you enter fewer family members on your Stride application than you entered on your application?

  • You indicated on your application that you’re eligible for health insurance through an employer, or through Medicaid.

Are you a Stride partner? Uber, Etsy, Postmates, Darden, AirBnB etc.? Then you are NOT eligible for employer insurance and should answer this question ‘no.’


Do you know exactly what went wrong? Are you jumping to fix the error? Follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how to edit the information in your application.

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