What kinds of tax questions can Stride support answer?

Stride Tax's team of dedicated support agents is here to answer all of your expense-related tax questions. Here are some questions we'd be happy to answer for you:


Using Stride’s finance products, like Stride Tax or our deduction guides. Common questions include: 

  1. How do I export my Stride Tax deduction report?
  2. How do I update the email address on my Stride Tax account
  3. Which job category best fits my profession?

 Which business expneses to deduct on your tax return for your self-employment work. Common questions include:

  1. Can I deduct my gas expenses?
  2. Where in the app can I record my cell phone bill expenses?
  3. How do I deduct business assets?

 How to report business expenses on a tax return. Common questions include:

  1. How do I classify my meal expenses on my Schedule C?
  2. Where do I claim my mileage deduction?

Basic tax filing questions that do not require any prior knowledge of your tax situation. Common questions include:

  1. When is the tax filing deadline?
  2. How do I amend my tax return?
  3. How do I deduct health and medical expenses?


Here are some questions that we're unable to answer, since we're not familiar enough with your specific tax situation to give an accurate answer:

  1. How much do I owe in taxes this year?
  2. Should I itemize my deductions, or take the standard deduction?
  3. Can you review my tax return to check for errors?


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