Individual (Personal) Disability Insurance – What, Why, How?

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What is it?

Individual Disability Insurance (DI) is an insurance product that protects your ability to make a living by paying a portion of your income if you become disabled.

Why is this important?

Your income pays for everything you have! Without an income you won’t be able to pay for things like a mortgage, car payments, or medical insurance!

How does it work?

Disability insurance goes to work when you get in an accident that causes you to be disabled to the point where you aren’t able to work anymore.


Let’s say that you are making $40,000 a year as a real-estate agent. You have $15,000 of expenses (including your monthly DI premium payments) when you get in an car crash that results in you being unable to work for a whole year. After a brief elimination period (the time after the accident and before the disability benefit begins) your disability income benefits keep you out of the red! Once you are able to return to work, your DI benefit ends and you go back to making your previous income!


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