What documentation am I required to provide for each qualifying event?

Here is a list of documents that health insurance companies will accept as proof of a qualifying event. Some qualifying events have multiple options, but you only need to supply one document. All letters and/or documents should be signed and dated.

In some cases, we recognize that it is difficult to provide the required documentation (e.g you were / are subletting and do not have a lease or utility bill in your name, etc.). In these circumstances, we can help you prepare an affidavit that might be sufficient for your application depending on your preferred insurance company.

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Qualifying Event

Documentation Accepted

You or a dependent lose coverage from a job, from Medicaid, or from parents when turning 26


  • Job loss: Letter from employer stating loss of coverage and reason(s) why. Good examples include:
    • Termination letter from employer or
    • Termination letter from previous health plan
  • Medicaid loss: Letter from Medicaid stating loss of coverage
  • Turning 26: Letter from previous coverage showing date of coverage loss due to turning 26

You permanently move out of state and gain access to new plans 

  • Proof of residency (from both new and former address) such as a dated utility bill  or
  • Apartment lease (both new and former address)
You get married
  • Marriage certificate
You have a baby
  • Birth certificate or
  • Letter from a medical center showing proof of birth
You adopt a child (or other dependent)
  • Adoption papers
You get divorced (or legally separated from your spouse)
  • Filed court papers
You gain US citizenship
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Certificate of Citizenship
Your income changes significantly, making you newly eligible (or ineligible) for subsidies
  • Signed affidavit detailing your circumstances
You are or gain status as a Native American Indian 
  •  Proof of ancestry
Government enrollment error
  • Signed affidavit detailing your circumstances
Release from incarceration
  • Prison release papers
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