Can I apply for Medicaid through your site? How about my spouse or kids?

The short answer is no. Medicaid applicants are required to apply in their state and are not able to obtain coverage online. You can learn more about your specific states at Keep in mind that some states (like California and New York) require that you show up in the person to apply for Medicaid. If you continue to shop Stride's plans, we will show you full, unsubsidized prices.

If you chose to purchase a plan, we will let you know if you or any dependents may be eligible for health insurance coverage through Medicaid or CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plans). You can find out more about state by state programs here: and

If you qualified for Medicaid but wish to purchase full priced plans for you and your family, just update your health profile by answering "no" to government assistance. You'll be given the option to shop full price plans for you and your dependents.

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