Why are the monthly drug costs I see on your site different from what I pay now?

There are a number of reasons that the drug costs you see on our site may differ than what you’re paying now. The first reason is that there are effectively five different “prices” for any given medication:

  1. Cash pay price: the amount you’d pay out-of-pocket for a medication without insurance. The cash price is determined by the individual pharmacy. 
  2. Copay price: the price of the medication when covered by a particular insurance plan. This can apply up front or only once you reach the plan deductible, depending on the plan.
  3. Full price: the price of a medication when covered by insurance, but you haven’t reached your plan’s deductible yet. It is the insurance company’s in-network negotiated price for your medication (which can be less or more expensive than paying cash).
  4. Cash pay price with Stride discount: if insurance does NOT cover a prescription medication, we apply the Stride discount (which is available to you to use as a Stride member by presenting our the BIN and RX Group Number in your dashboard).
  5. Average annual price: the average price of your medication

Determining which types of prices you’re comparing will explain most discrepancies! You may be looking at the average monthly cost as opposed to the copay price or the cash price you’re paying at the moment.

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