Why did my Stride Tax app crash?

Oh no! It sounds like you found a bug in your app.

First, kill and restart the app. You can do so by double clicking the home button of your phone (or tap the Recent Apps button on your phone) and swiping up on Stride Drive.

If restarting the app doesn’t help the problem, then we can help!

Email us at taxhelp@stridehealth.com with the following details, and we can investigate the issue:

- The email address attached to your Stride Drive account

- A brief description of what you were doing right before the app crashed

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    Jonathan Sigal

    If I kill the app , will I lose the mileage I already have recorded.

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    Hi Jonathan! Great question--you will not lose your mileage if you restart the app.

    All of your deduction data is saved to our servers, so closing out the app will not affect your saved data.

    Even if you lose your phone, or break it, or switch phones for some reason--you can simply log back into your account on a new phone, and your data will be there waiting for you!

    Let me know if you have additional questions! Feel free to reach out to us at drive@stridehealth.com.

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