Can I deduct depreciation?

You can — but only if you don’t deduct your mileage!

People who drive for work have two options when deducting expenses:

1) The actual expense method: the cost of their actual car expenses (such as gas, maintenance, car payments, and a few others).


2) The standard mileage method: deducting a standard amount for every business mile driven. The standard mileage rate for 2016 was 54 cents per mile, while the 2017 rate is 53.5 cents per mile. Stride Tax will automatically calculate your mileage deduction for you.

If you deduct both your mileage and your depreciation, you’d be double-deducting the same expense (since the mileage rate includes the cost of gas and maintenance already).

Not sure which method is best for you? No problem. The mileage deduction typically gives the highest deduction, especially if you drive a lot for work.

That being said, you might as well track both your mileage and your actual car expenses. Then you can determine at the end of the year which expense method is best for you!

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