My 1099-K total does not match the amount deposited in my bank account!

Don’t worry--this is normal. The number on Line 1a of your 1099-K includes Uber’s commission and fees (this is your gross income), as well as the fares that you actually received in your bank account.

On your Uber Tax Summary, you’ll see how that gross total is broken down into both fares and fees. These fees will include the booking fee, airport fees, split fare charges, etc.


When you file your taxes, you’ll need to report Uber’s Line 1a total as your income, and then deduct the commissions and fees outlined on your Tax Summary as business expenses. You can deduct these fees in the “Commissions and fees” section of any tax filing software, or on Line 10 of the Schedule C if you’re filing by hand. Below is a guide for how to find the deductible fees on your Uber Tax Summary:

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