I drive for Uber, where can I find pay stubs to submit for proof of income?

You can access your weekly pay statements directly from your Uber account. A few things to keep in mind when submitting proof of income to Stride:

  1. Submit multiple weeks of statements (at least one month’s worth, more if your income varies month-to-month). The pay period MUST be visible on your submitted document.
  2. Check to make sure the amount on your statements accurately reflects the income estimate you entered on your application for health insurance.
  3. Your first and last name must be visible on your submitted document
  4. Submit a .pdf, .png, or .jpeg file. We cannot log in to your Uber dashboard, so forwarding your weekly statement email or linking us to the Uber dashboard will not work.

Steps to accessing your pay statements:

  1. Login to your Uber Rewards Dashboard here
  2. On the left hand side of your Uber Rewards Dashboard, select “Partner Earnings”

3. On the right hand side you are able to view your previous pay statements on a weekly basis. Start by selecting a weekly pay period from the drop down menu.

4. Select “Print Statement” at the bottom of the weekly summary.

5. Screenshot or save a copy of this page, being sure that your name is listed in the upper left hand corner. Repeat the above steps to capture about four weeks of pay statements. Upload them by logging into your Stride dashboard here. If that is not working for you, email them to us at support@stridehealth.com.

Stride Tip #1: These pay statements are going to serve as proof of the projected gross income you entered on your health insurance application. Be sure to select weeks that accurately support your initial income estimation, and skip over any pay periods that may have been particularly slow or included your well deserved time off.

Stride Tip #2: to save the statements as a PDF you can right click, click “print”, then change the printer location to “save as PDF.”

To take a screenshot of the page using a Mac:

  1. Press Shift-Command-4. The pointer changes to a crosshair.
  2. Move the crosshair to where you want to start the screenshot, then drag to select an area.

To take a screenshot of the page using Windows:

  1. Press the “Windows logo key + PrtScn.” If you’re using a tablet, press the “Windows logo button + volume down button.” On some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the “Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn” or “Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScn” keys instead. Check your laptop’s manual for more information.
  2. The screen will dim for a moment, and you will see the screenshot appear as a file in a folder entitled “Screenshots”, inside your default “Pictures” folder. The screenshot is automatically labeled with a number.


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