What kinds of insurance do you offer? How about vision and dental?

Currently, we offer health and dental insurance. We offer thousands of health plans on our site, all of which are Affordable Care Act compliant. For dental insurance, we offer three plans in collaboration with an excellent national carrier: Renaissance Insurance.

While we don't yet offer vision insurance, we recommend looking at VSP. You can take a look at their plans here. While we believe Health and Dental insurance are usually a must, whether or not you need vision insurance is up for debate. 

When to buy vision insurance:

If you’re young and healthy and have perfect eyesight: you probably do not need a vision plan. Major medical will cover and eye injuries or illnesses. You can get an eye exam at a discount for less than the price of your annual premiums. You won’t end up taking advantage of the services of your vision plan.

If you or your family members need eye exams, prescription eyeglasses or contacts: you can access all of these services also at a discount retails centers like Costco and Walmart.  it’s time to get a vision plan. Vision insurance optional but not required.

If you or your spouse or a dependent would like to purchase designer eyeglasses or is entertaining the possibility of eye correction surgery (LASIK): vision insurance is right for you. We strongly recommend obtaining a vision plan. Most plans range from $15-30 per month.

We're also working on adding high-demand ancillary products, so stay tuned for more!

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